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Selection Policy for Minnesota Health Information Links
Minnesota Health Information contains links to other web sites, including those owned or maintained by other government, private or not-for-profit entities. Such links are provided for convenience and/or information purposes only, and the content of such links are not controlled by Minnesota Health Information. No endorsement is intended or made of any link, product, service or information either by its inclusion or exclusion from this portal.

The administrators of Minnesota Health Information take several criteria into consideration when reviewing sources of health and health care information. The primary source for evaluation will be the published information about the organization (primarily its Web site) and input from the members of the Governor 's Health Cabinet Web Site Working Group.

The selection criteria, described below in more detail, include the following:

Organizational Status & Affiliations
Minnesota Health Information prefers organizations that provide information and resources that serve the public interest. To this end, Minnesota Health Information will take into consideration published information about government, educational, professional, nonprofit, voluntary, patient support or advocacy, research, or foundation status of the organization creating a health web site.

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Disclosure of Funding & Sponsorship
Minnesota Health Information will not link to web sites whose sole nature is to market or sell a good or service and does not provide any other substantive information of a statewide interest. The web site owner should disclose information about grants, membership income (professional, voluntary, or support/self help), publication sales, sponsorship, public-private partnership, government, etc. on its web site clearly.

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Quality of Health Content
Minnesota Health Information strives to include accurate and up-to-date content from trusted sources of health and health care information. Minnesota Health Information will review published (primarily the web site) information from each organization for general consistency.

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Format of Content
Minnesota Health Information will not include any logos or promotional materials from other organizations on our Web site unless they are in partnership with Minnesota Health Information. Administrators of Minnesota Health Information will determine the format, location, and types of links to other sites.

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Target Audience
Minnesota Health Information provides web-based resources to the general public about consumer health care information. Content should be targeted to Minnesota Health Information 's audience in a manner that is easy to understand and navigate, useful and appropriate. Web sites should be accessible and applicable to a wide audience; contain content that is relevant, useful and authoritative for citizens, businesses and/or government officials; and reach a diverse audience in a manner that is culturally and/or linguistically appropriate.

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Feedback & Response Policies
Minnesota Health Information prefers web sites that provide a clear mechanism for users to provide feedback and complaints. Published information about the organization 's stated ability to respond to information requests, whether via the internet or through traditional information and referral service, will be considered.

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Privacy & Security
minnesotahealthinfo.org requires web sites to protect the security of information and the privacy of personally identifiable information to the same degree (or higher) as privacy and security standards maintained by the State of Minnesota 's North Star Web Site. Linked sites must use industry-standard software tools and practices to guard against unauthorized access to personal health information.

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