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Patient Rights

Patient Bill of Rights - The Minnesota Department of Health offers consumer information on the patient bill of rights, health care provider directory/statistics, advanced directives, filing a complaint, and long-term care. The patient bill of rights is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Russian, and Laotian.

Office of the Ombudsman for Older Minnesotans - The Ombudsman for Older Minnesotans works with consumers, nursing homes, hospitals, and other health and social service agencies to improve the quality of life for individuals receiving health care and supportive services. It addresses concerns about quality of services, rights, public benefits and many other issues impacting older Minnesotans.

Medicare Consumer Rights & Responsibilities - Stratis Health works to protect the health care rights of Medicare beneficiaries and to improve the quality of care provided to all patients. This site lists Medicare patients' rights and offers Minnesota Medicare beneficiaries a toll-free phone line: 1-800-444-3423.

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